Learn Design

Design workshops to boost your creativity

Improve your work by acquiring creative skills 

Our workshops help professionals learn Design for building better products and services. From problem solving to gathering attention, design is a great business tool. Teams can become dramatically more effective by harnessing its power.


Design Fundamentals

Learn basic design principles and train your eye to understand and design good visuals

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Design Thinking

Learn user-centred design tools to solve problems and generate innovation

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Aspiring Designers and Entrepreneurs

The quickest learning path to designing it yourself

Learn to take design software, brainstorming and project management techniques in hand. Gain independence, create your first designs and kickstart your business communication.


Design strategically and learn project management techniques

Learn innovative ways of brainstorming, improve your workflow with project management techniques, create a conversation with your customer, learn to sell your work and yourself.

Project Managers and Teams

Become agile problem-solvers

Understand design techniques, learn to help your team map problems, form new ideas, give actionnable creative feedback and foster multidisciplinary collaboration.

Design has become a fundamental business literacy. Fortune 500 companies have invested more in acquiring designers last year than in the previous ten years combined.