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961’s team is looking to add talented instructors to its team. Create your own courses or teach ours to get an extra income.

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If you are passionate about something, share it with the world

As a freelancer or independent speaker, you might want to take advantage of the time at your disposal to create an extra source of revenue. 961’s mission is to make as many design disciplines available and comprehensible to the people. Join our team and give workshops on your favorite subject.

Schedule workshops when you feel like it

As a freelancer you decide how many workshops you want to give. The more you teach, the more you get paid.

Create your own course or teach one of ours

If you have something unique you want to share you can prepare the workshop and submit it. We’ll help you to create and perfect it. Or you can learn one of ours and teach it.

Get help finding participants

It is particularly difficult for solo teachers to find their market. We put our networks to work, so you don’t need to worry about it.

Hassle Free

We take care of all the admin. No need to worry about sales, logistics, checkins, branding, support etc.

Learn other skills for free

For every five workshops you give, you can enroll in another course for free to perfect or learn new skills.

Expand your network

Teaching and participating in events we organize is a great occasion to find new opportunities, meet entrepreneurs and be exposed to inspiring ideas.